Michael Forrest's Infinite Music Machine

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What is the
Infinite Music Machine?

Michael Forrest's Infinite Music Machine

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What is it?

This is a new kind of album that sounds different every time. Continuing the work of visionaries like Brian Eno and Björk, Michael Forrest introduces a new type of music - this is a score composed of sampled loops and arranged in code.

What does it sound like?

The Infinite Music Machine is an engaging 1000 loop journey through tunnels of electronic textures that hints at IDM, Chiptune, Glitch and experimental left field electronica that has drawn comparisons to Autechre, Amon Tobin and LCD Soundsystem with influences lying in Mouse on Mars, Cinematic Orchestra and Tricky.

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How does it work?

Press play and start listening. The music will evolve as you listen.

If you're feeling impatient, give the app a shake and it will play something new.

If you like a particular sequence so much that you want to hear it again, you can save it for later, or share it with friends.


Tweak and remix

If you're feeling brave, pull back the cover and tinker with the the playback yourself. You can turn loops on and off or turn up the craziness with the 'movement' control.


With Audiobus you can record your own remixes and tweak the sounds with other compatible apps. Be sure to record and share your work with @michaelforrest on Twitter.

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